Monthly Archives: November 2010

Persuading consumers to adopt behaviours that will save them money and help the environment is not as easy a task as it may sound. But beyond the carbon footprint, what other lessons can such initiatives teach us about impacting consumer behaviour?

The true test of a set of company values is not whether they are bland and boring, or snappy and sexy. The test is in whether they are delivered. It’s how the values are put into actions that define the true spirit of a company.

Following our post on using personal interactions to build NPS, we were keen to provide more practical examples of actual initiatives that demonstrate this principle in action. Here's a great case-study from a Customer Faithful team member just back from vacation. The positive word-of-mouth starts here !

IKEA's sales figures this week show it now leads the home furnishings sector with a 6% market share. Not surprising in tough economic times, perhaps, but the real answer lies deeper in the detail - a more UK-friendly proposition.

If you want to improve your firms' Net Promoter Score (NPS), plus gain respect for your brand, adopting a customers' personal situation as your priority is a great way of achieving it....