Monthly Archives: October 2011

In a busy deadline-driven world of operational efficiency, how do industry leaders find the time and motivation to build truly world-class organisations? Perhaps the answer lies not at the end of a rainbow but in the tail-end of a bell curve......

This article shows how a doctor adapted the risk management techniques of aircraft-maker Boeing to improve the patient outcomes in his operating theatre. Read on to learn how checklists can improve the consistency and quality of any product or service.

This week, figures showed as many as 25% of Britain's bookshops have closed in the last six years. Coupled with a similar decline in new store openings, this represents an alarming decline. So who's to blame, and what's to be done to restore the appeal of the UK bookshop?

Customer Faithful's Rick Harris was a speaker at this month's WFDSA regional conference "East Meets West" in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference brought together experts from government, consumer groups, academia and the direct selling industry across the EMEA region.