Yearly Archives: 2012

It's the last week of pre-Christmas shopping, and out-of-town shopping centres are humming with crowds. But overall, shopping centre growth is in decline, so what happens next? We look at potential ideas for the future of shopping centre venues.

It’s hardly a new idea that sales teams need to respond to what their customers want from their products and services. But what if the things that customers truly value are still unknown to the company? Or seemingly beyond your firms’ control altogether?

Exploring the end-to-end customer journey is crucial to understanding customer experience. This article uses a Loews Hotel Group case study to illustrate how such insight can drive a more distinctive proposition.

Folks distrust banks now, more than ever. The global recession, and the role of financial institutions in creating it, has made people resent banks, even if they can't avoid being their customers. So how should a bank go about rebuilding faith in its brand? They could start with improving the customer experience.

Our previous blog for how to make queuing a more positive experience has become our 3rd most popular article! So, we figured we'd keep looking for more ideas and resources to share on this. Here's some of the best we've seen in recent months....

Perhaps the most consistent finding we see in our work with patients is the lack of 'joined-up' healthcare - the reality that the experience patients want is often very different from the "care pathway" that individual healthcare providers offer. So what can be done?

We're a regular contributor to Hakki Ozmorali's series "Direct Selling Wisdom in 100 Words". In his latest post, he explores the role of celebrity endorsement for the direct selling industry, and we're happy to add our thoughts to the expert panel.

Review websites have been around almost as long as the internet itself, with being one of the oldest and best-established. Now, with question-marks over the objectiveness of its and many other website reviews, we explore how users can get the best from consumer reviews.

‘Signature moments’ are particular features, built to typify a brand – to shine out as something distinctive, memorable, iconic even. Yet this article will argue that these much-vaunted signatures can too often substitute a higher goal – that of serving a customer’s individual needs with appropriately branded behaviour.

CEX has been steadily gaining acceptance as an indicator of commercial profitability. But does a customer actually include a company's ethical behaviour in their assessment of personal experience? In this article, we explore the theory and reality, and come up with a bottom line of our own.