Monthly Archives: February 2016

Customer Faithful's Rick Harris will be making two presentations at the Pfizer Lifelines seminars on March 14th, showcasing some of the techniques and findings from projects undertaken within the Pfizer Lifelines programme since 2010.

In this blogpost, we attempt a working definition of what a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is, and provide some examples and structure for how they can be used effectively.

Although the concept of tribes in marketing has been around for more than a decade, they can hardly be described as mainstream. So what's the The Big Idea here? And should you encourage your organisation to embrace tribal marketing?

Everyone gets the concept of ‘customer journey’ now – the steps that people take in finding, choosing, buying and living with a product or service. But do customers really act out these journey steps in such a single-minded and linear way? We think customer journey mapping is about to get a radical shake-up....