Monthly Archives: May 2018

Whilst innovation can come from completely new customer research, it's well worth considering fresh ways to re-invent the insight you already have. By combining new insight with existing initiatives, firms have the opportunity to create additional value, both to the business and its customers.

Just seeking to hold on to customers isn’t enough in today's highly competitive world. So this post highlights simple way to use segmentation to improve customer loyalty. Why? Because many more customers change their behaviour than defect altogether.

The customer experience of the music festival Glastonbury is famous. Or should that be infamous? Whether its legacy will be mud or music is debatable. But the rise of challenger summer festivals is showing how the customer experience is becoming the key factor in choosing where to go.

Last week saw the much-awaited report by retail guru Mary Portas, offering ways to reinvigorate Britain's ailing High Streets. Aside from a few small gems, we felt it missed a Big Idea, so we have one of our own to share instead.....