Cleaning Up…

A tipping point in a friend’s household was reached a few weeks ago, when the slow build of stains and marks on a light-coloured carpet became just too irritating to ignore – time for her to source a cleaning firm.

Like most organised mums with children, she had a ‘tried and tested’ provider, but remembered from experience how they were really only interested in a full-house clean, to make it worth their while.

After a bit of ringing around, she ran up against two roadblocks:

  1. most firms seemed uninterested in ‘spot cleaning’ and imposed a minimum charge
  2. getting the job done seemed to involve a 1st visit to take a look, then give a quote, then return on another day to do the work

It was the 2nd issue which really grated.

Then, she found Greenclean. They understood the need for a quick solution, and agreed to view, quote and do the work all on the same day.

They made a great job of the work, but it was not just the clean carpet that made an impact. Instead, it was a set of supporting actions that they didn’thave to do, but knew would influence her in future:

  • Greenclean offered to come back whenever she needed even a small spot removing
  • They left all her furniture and the ornaments on them exactly how they had found them. How ? By taking a digital photo before they started (clever)
  • They gave her some tips on how best to get small stains out myself (thanks)
  • They even cleaned her windows (everything in a room looks better after that)

Best of all, Greenclean didn’t expect her to be in all day just to suit them, instead leaving her to get on with her work whilst they got on with theirs.

This firm understood that the value of the work to a busy customer was respecting her time – a fast quote, a same-day completion, no re-setting the room afterwards….and a clean carpet to boot.

And next time she needs her carpets cleaned, my friend won’t be needing to ring round for suppliers again – adding trust, convenience and ease to the list of Greenclean benefits for a now existing customer.

My one regret of hearing this story ? I’ve started noticing marks on my carpets now….