NEW EVENT: Customer Experience – Fundamentals Course


Rick Harris, Founder of Customer Faithful, is offering another opportunity to attend his 1-day CX Fundamentals Course in central London on Tuesday 11th October.

This is our most popular course, built from the ground up, incorporating sessions on the role of customer experience (CX) in an organisation, its design and measurement, as well as how to engage employees and teams in its delivery.

As ever, Rick’s style is fun, enthusiastic, topical and challenging, so expect a busy and hard-working day, packed full of case-studies, hands-on practical exercises and thoughtful discussion.

Who should attend?

This course is a practical guide for anyone who is serious about putting the customer experience at the heart of their organisation.
Great for new recruits into a CX department, but plenty for seasoned pros too, especially if you’re looking for hands-on methodology to drive real change.

10 Reasons to attend the CX Management – The Fundamentals course:

Learn how to:

  1. lead and enable service-led change in order to improve the customer experience in your organisation.
  2. define how customer centric your organisation is, and what needs to change
  3. ensure your customer experience fits with and supports your company and brand values
  4. differentiate between different types of customer insight and how to use them for improving customer experience design
  5. build a customer journey map to guide your business by organising customer insight
  6. create a gap analysis to show where you are underperforming (or overperforming!) for your customers, and how to rebalance your customer journey
  7. adapt balanced scorecards to create win-win initiatives for your customer and your organisation
  8. build employee engagement around a customer experience improvement plan
  9. understand the problems and pitfalls of a customer experience implementation and how to avoid them
  10. create a simple business case to get your customer experience initiatives approved

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