Customer Experience Workshops


We’ve noticed a real change in the last few years, as more and more companies begin to actively manage the experience they give to their customers.

In particular, companies typically start by mapping the customer journey (the highs/lows/important/less important). They create processes to turn lows to highs and engage employees so that service and consistently improve. So far so good.
The challenge is that competitors catch up, the improvement is commoditised, customer expectation goes up and the value of that change erodes.

So – last year, we began working on a dedicated customer experience workshop, to help firms meet this challenge. And because a successful customer experience is founded on employees who actually deliver it, we worked together with our partners Onefish Twofish, specialists in employee communication.

Following its success, we’re now excited to offer this activity to individual companies, either as an off-site workshop or hosted in-house at company offices.

For a peek at what goes on in these events, play the video clip below…

Available in both half-day and full-day formats, the purpose of the Customer Experience Workshop is to:

  • orient your brand in the customers’ WHOLE life (not just their experience in store/on the phone/on the website)
  • allow employees to be brilliantly spontaneous (without a free-for-all developing!)
  • learn from how some of the most exciting brands are truly wowing! their customers
  • show how customer experience generates brand value that endures and builds – harder to be copied or ‘caught up’ by competitors

The workshops are targeted at teams and individuals those who have responsibility for and a professional interest in customer and employee experience, as well as proposition development.
And of course, it’s a chance to explore a new way to make your brand experience even more competitive .

So if you’re interested in finding out more about how this workshop could help your employees, your customers and build your brand, please do get in touch here