Customer Faithful achieves its ‘green’ travel target


It’s a little over a year ago that Customer Faithful signed up to 1010, a campaign with the (initial) goal of reducing carbon emissions by 10 per cent in 2010.

When Customer Faithful launched in 2009, we outlined a clear Sustainability policy which covered a range of objectives, from stationery materials, recycling and electrical appliances.

But it is in our travel activities that we have the biggest opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint, specifically by using public transport instead of car/taxi, or simply removing physical journeys altogether, replacing them with virtual meetings.

We set ourselves a challenging target that two-thirds of all return trips by Customer Faithful employees would be non car-borne (bus, rail, walk, cycle…we even managed two by micro scooter, albeit to bemused glances from kids!)

Having just completed our audit for the period Sept 2010 – Aug 2011, we managed 70.6%, which we’re pretty thrilled with. In addition, we also calculated that these same trips represented 88 per cent of our total spend on travel, which reflects that those car journeys that we did make were relatively short (often taxi trips covering the last few miles, having travelled most of the way by train). Note: we exclude air travel from these figures on the basis that we made no domestic flights at all, and we chose to carbon off-set all our international flights.

Encouraging though this result is, it simply makes us determined to do even better next year. We’re going to stick with our 66% non-car borne target, but are actively looking to see how we can make our use of taxis more environmentally friendly. We know there are some taxi firms that use only hybrid vehicles, and of course taxi sharing is an option.

Any other ideas? Please write to us with suggestions, using the comments box below.