NEW WORKSHOP! Using patient centric research for stakeholder engagement


We’re excited to announce a brand-new Customer Faithful workshop, to be held on May 16th in Cambridge, UK. It’s built to help pharma and bio-tech organisations create patient-centric research that can drive stakeholder engagement within advocacy groups and HCPs.

The range and influence of stakeholders in healthcare is growing, and patient advocacy organisations are at the forefront of this. The rise of social media has also provided a platform for not only hearing the voice-of-the-patient, but actively engaging with patients and those supporting them.

But for these potential relationships with patient groups to flourish, pharma and bio-tech firms need to build bridges that demonstrate a shared purpose and commitment to patient needs and values. Our experience is that patient-centred insight is an ideal way to do this, and our new workshop will show delegates how.

Here are 6 great reasons to attend this workshop:

  1. to leverage the five key benefit areas that patient insight can bring to stakeholder engagement
  2. to identify what kind of patient research will be a good fit for your organisation and your targeted stakeholders
  3. to position the value of patient-centric research internally with senior colleagues and cross-functional teams
  4. to explore transparency and collaboration as a way-of-working with external stakeholders
  5. to adapt traditional balanced scorecards to create win-win initiatives for your stakeholders and your own organisation
  6. to build employee engagement around patient-centricity

Who should attend?

  • Great for Patient Advocacy and Stakeholder Managers, seeking to build relationships with charities and patient organisations through voice-of-the-patient research
  • Ideal for Brand Teams seeking to explore ‘beyond-the-pill’ benefits
  • Perfect for pioneering and start-up bio-techs seeking a competitive edge and to demonstrate their patient-centric influence & understanding to investors and potential investors
  • Suitable for those seeking research methodologies and case studies they can take away to drive patient centricity change in their organisation.

The natural place to launch this new workshop is Cambridge – rapidly becoming a global centre of pharma, biotech, and now IT too (check out this interactive cluster map to see!). But we hope to run more workshops across the UK later in the year.


And as a special offer for our website visitors, email us at and ask for the discount code for 25% off!!

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