Pet Insurance Renewal

My annual pet insurance renewal rolled around again this week.

As always, the monthly payments have risen again, as my two moggies get older and their risk factor increases.

I understand that, but it still makes me feel like a captive customer – I dare not cancel my rarely-used policy in case something terrible (and expensive) happens.

Yet, the insurer could easily turn my reluctant loyalty into a more positive attitude.

  1. Use my claim history to remind me what past claims would cost at today’s prices if I wasn’t insured
  2. Use my cat’s age and breed profile to highlight the things to watch for at their lifestage, safe in the knowledge that they are insured
  3. Use my payment history – recognise my 10 years of unbroken insurance and celebrate it with ‘no excess on your next claim’ – a thank-you for loyalty

These simple steps require no additional data capture abut me or my pets, but would move my perspective away from just the rising premiums, and towards the continuing and additional benefits I’m getting for staying with my provider.