The place to start is choice

It’s been nearly six months since the design-led restaurant chain Canteen opened their third location on Baker Street in London. The hearty breakfasts still seem to be popular with a regular crowd, but the huge dining area has been painfully empty for lunch.

So what could be stopping diners coming back ? The place to start is choice.

The menu has barely altered a jot since the December launch, sporting winter favourites such as Sausage & Mash, Pork Belly with baked apple and Daily Roast. But it’s nearly summer now, and even England has already had a few sunny days in the mid-70s. Even if regulars are loyal to the Canteen formula of high-design and affordable prices, everyone appreciates some choice of food, as the seasons roll around.

This Canteen was built on the site where Marks & Spencer’s Head Office used to be – a retailer who had a mantra about their most faithful shoppers as “the customers we shall not fail”. M&S’ own food offer is carefully crafted to welcome in each month with fresh ideas and unswerving quality. Canteen’s management would do well to take note, else they may not stay ‘flavour-of-the month’ for much longer…