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Customer Faithful's Rick Harris will be delivering his next 1-day course "Customer Experience Management - The Fundamentals" in Peterborough on Oct 3rd.

Customer experience (CX) dogma has drilled companies into engineering their products and services for consistency. But what about their people? Could or should firms ''dare to be different' and hire employees outside of their usual profile?

We believe that almost all businesses have the raw talent in their employees to deliver a branded experience – and it’s the job of the company to unlock that potential. In seeking to achieve this, we recommend 3 simple rules to help engage employees into ‘living the brand’.

Rick's next speaking engagement will be at the Brand Authority Through Talent event in London later this year. His session will focus on The Place of Customer Experience - how to make customer experience feel real, relevant and empowering for employees, as well as driving customer and brand loyalty.