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Recent research commissioned by the Department of Health was seeking to identify the best single ‘overarching’ question to ask patients and service users about their experiences of healthcare. But using NPS has proven to be confusing for patients. We explain how and where to get the best out of NPS.

Rick addressed members of The Sales Club in London in September 2012. His session focused on the Impact of Customer Experience on Sales – demonstrating how customer experience differs from customer service and why it takes you further in impacting sales performance and brand loyalty.

As creatures of habit, most of us draw comfort from things we're familiar with. But we've found that such 'learned familiarity' can cause problems in customer service design. So how can customer-facing teams deliver a standard process without disengaging with the individual needs and feelings of customers?

In the second of a series of Customer Experience Case Studies, we lift the lid on a positive experience that demonstrates what truly responsive customer service looks like.

For the last few years, much of the buzz around customers who drive recommendation has been about Net Promoter Score (NPS). Now Klout has arrived, also claiming to spotlight who is influential. Which is better?

Following our post on using personal interactions to build NPS, we were keen to provide more practical examples of actual initiatives that demonstrate this principle in action. Here's a great case-study from a Customer Faithful team member just back from vacation. The positive word-of-mouth starts here !