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It's nearly thirty years since the Picker Institute developed the principles of patient centred care, which have since become the cornerstone for structuring patient engagement in both...

Recent research commissioned by the Department of Health was seeking to identify the best single ‘overarching’ question to ask patients and service users about their experiences of healthcare. But using NPS has proven to be confusing for patients. We explain how and where to get the best out of NPS.

Customer Faithful's Managing Director, Rick Harris will be speaking at this years' American Society on Aging (ASA) Conference, in Chicago, Ill. (23-27 March).

The much discussed NPS-style 'Friends & Family' question is being introduced by the NHS in April 2013. But will this survey be asked at the right time in the patient experience? And how narrowly should their experience be framed?

Perhaps the most consistent finding we see in our work with patients is the lack of 'joined-up' healthcare - the reality that the experience patients want is often very different from the "care pathway" that individual healthcare providers offer. So what can be done?

In a world where pharmaceutical companies traditionally focus on patient compliance with their medication regimes, how would a patient-centric model pay for itself? And how would we recognise its existence in a drug company’s behaviour?

In a busy deadline-driven world of operational efficiency, how do industry leaders find the time and motivation to build truly world-class organisations? Perhaps the answer lies not at the end of a rainbow but in the tail-end of a bell curve......

This article shows how a doctor adapted the risk management techniques of aircraft-maker Boeing to improve the patient outcomes in his operating theatre. Read on to learn how checklists can improve the consistency and quality of any product or service.

The UK's Health Bill is once again paused for another round of consultation. But whilst much of the discussion surrounds GP commissioning, we believe an even more fundamental issue is gathering momentum - that of integrated health and social care.