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Last week saw the much-awaited report by retail guru Mary Portas, offering ways to reinvigorate Britain's ailing High Streets. Aside from a few small gems, we felt it missed a Big Idea, so we have one of our own to share instead.....

Following our article on promotion un-bundling last year, this blog adds further research demonstrating our belief that consumers can be attracted to individual purchases just as much, if not more so, than discounted bundles. Curious? Read on........

Evidence from both the UK and US shows that large retailers are struggling to achieve their growth forecasts using price promotion as their lone marketing tactic. So what should they do, and who can they learn from?

Groupon leads the so-called ‘thrift-commerce’ movement, boasting more than 20m savvy subscribers keen to reign in spending, but unwilling to give up all their pleasures either. So how can we all apply Groupon's appeal to attract a thrifty consumer?

For the last few years, much of the buzz around customers who drive recommendation has been about Net Promoter Score (NPS). Now Klout has arrived, also claiming to spotlight who is influential. Which is better?

The true test of a set of company values is not whether they are bland and boring, or snappy and sexy. The test is in whether they are delivered. It’s how the values are put into actions that define the true spirit of a company.

IKEA's sales figures this week show it now leads the home furnishings sector with a 6% market share. Not surprising in tough economic times, perhaps, but the real answer lies deeper in the detail - a more UK-friendly proposition.