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Whilst most successful businesses have a habit of delivering what they promise to customers, some companies choose to make it their lead message i.e. their tagline, their advertising strapline, their signature brand statement. But should these promises be literal or illustrative?

Telecoms and Banking are two industries well regulated for consumer protection, and highly competitive. One might think that these two factors would ensure a strong focus on customer experience and satisfaction. But our own experience tells a different story. Here is what we learned.

It's standard business practice to have a clear view of who your target customer is. But don't let that get in the way of how you handle your customer experience, as this case study shows.

Anyone who has ever launched a new product or service knows the value of soft launches and beta testing. But to give your testing of new products and services the best chance of returning actionable insight and long term growth, try thinking like a customer….

Brand positioning statements are still most commonly used to guide marketing teams and operating decisions for your business. Having a brand statement that differentiates...

As shoppers, we're all used to easy access to heaps of product information, right? Just google the item you want, and dozens of online retailers will come to your aid. But how much of this data is what customers actually want? Can shoppers trust it, and how important is this in the overall customer experience?

Rick's next speaking engagement will be at the Brand Authority Through Talent event in London later this year. His session will focus on The Place of Customer Experience - how to make customer experience feel real, relevant and empowering for employees, as well as driving customer and brand loyalty.

For the last few years, much of the buzz around customers who drive recommendation has been about Net Promoter Score (NPS). Now Klout has arrived, also claiming to spotlight who is influential. Which is better?