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'Pop-up' stores have grown so much in recent years. But is the concept itself a winning proposition? Is it sustainable, and how good is the shopper experience? More importantly, what can we learn from pop-ups, not just as retailers but for anyone manging a brand and its customer experience?

It's the last week of pre-Christmas shopping, and out-of-town shopping centres are humming with crowds. But overall, shopping centre growth is in decline, so what happens next? We look at potential ideas for the future of shopping centre venues.

What do you do when your tried-and-tested marketing techniques aren't as effective in today's economy? Start by staying positive - here's how some of those negative trends can have silver linings if your mindset allows you to see them..

Last week saw the much-awaited report by retail guru Mary Portas, offering ways to reinvigorate Britain's ailing High Streets. Aside from a few small gems, we felt it missed a Big Idea, so we have one of our own to share instead.....

Regular visitors to this site will know that we have a particular interest in Gen Y or the Millennial Generation, so we’ve been out in the run-up to Christmas, watching them shop, both in High Streets and malls, as well as on-line. What have we learned? Here are 5 clues to attracting Gen Y shoppers……..

Customer Faithful's Rick Harris was a speaker at this month's WFDSA regional conference "East Meets West" in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference brought together experts from government, consumer groups, academia and the direct selling industry across the EMEA region.

Recent surveys show that UK consumer confidence is on the slide, even before the riots and the turbulent financial market began. But does this necessarily add up to the consumer being in full retreat, or are they just more mindful?

This month, Rick was in Paris to address leading CEOs from the direct selling industry at Seldia's Spring Conference 2011.

Groupon leads the so-called ‘thrift-commerce’ movement, boasting more than 20m savvy subscribers keen to reign in spending, but unwilling to give up all their pleasures either. So how can we all apply Groupon's appeal to attract a thrifty consumer?