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Lululemon has been a standout success in US retail over the last decade. But after a customer experience disaster that cost the firm millions, can the yoga brand recover? And what CX lessons can we learn from it?

Customer Faithful's Rick Harris will be delivering his next 1-day course "Customer Experience Management - The Fundamentals" in Peterborough on Oct 3rd.

In recent years, we have been asked by clients to provide specific support for engaging with and motivating employees. In particular, our goal has...

Telecoms and Banking are two industries well regulated for consumer protection, and highly competitive. One might think that these two factors would ensure a strong focus on customer experience and satisfaction. But our own experience tells a different story. Here is what we learned.

It's standard business practice to have a clear view of who your target customer is. But don't let that get in the way of how you handle your customer experience, as this case study shows.

It goes without saying that customers want the services they use to work (whether they pay for them or are free). But a great customer experience is more than that, as this example from the world of Swiss rail demonstrates.

‘Signature moments’ are particular features, built to typify a brand – to shine out as something distinctive, memorable, iconic even. Yet this article will argue that these much-vaunted signatures can too often substitute a higher goal – that of serving a customer’s individual needs with appropriately branded behaviour.

After piloting our workshop at the Customer Journey Roundtable event in February, we're now excited to offer this activity to individual companies, either as an off-site workshop or hosted in-house at company offices.

With so many people using smartphones and the apps that make them so appealing, is the creation of a customer service app the next big thing in customer experience? Our view is a provisional 'yes' - but it all depends on how the app is downloaded initially. For the lowdown, read on.....

What do you do when your tried-and-tested marketing techniques aren't as effective in today's economy? Start by staying positive - here's how some of those negative trends can have silver linings if your mindset allows you to see them..