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Just seeking to hold on to customers isn’t enough in today's highly competitive world. So this post highlights simple way to use segmentation to improve customer loyalty. Why? Because many more customers change their behaviour than defect altogether.

Customer Faithful's Rick Harris will be making two presentations at the Pfizer Lifelines seminars on March 14th, showcasing some of the techniques and findings from projects undertaken within the Pfizer Lifelines programme since 2010.

In this blogpost, we attempt a working definition of what a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is, and provide some examples and structure for how they can be used effectively.

Do traditional loyalty techniques actually create value? In this first of two articles, I’ll challenge whether our expectation of loyal customer behaviour is true in the real world, and suggest some alternative ways to find loyalty in 2015.

1. Who Are Our 'Customer Faithful' ? Objective: Create simple, actionable loyalty segments The starting point to any loyalty insight begins with answering this challenge. We recommend...

For a customer experience to achieve its goals, it needs employees to feel free to deliver it authentically. So how can firms empower their people to provide a great experience, without risking them going off-piste? By being brave. Here's why.......

Exploring the end-to-end customer journey is crucial to understanding customer experience. This article uses a Loews Hotel Group case study to illustrate how such insight can drive a more distinctive proposition.

Evidence from both the UK and US shows that large retailers are struggling to achieve their growth forecasts using price promotion as their lone marketing tactic. So what should they do, and who can they learn from?

What do you do when your tried-and-tested marketing techniques aren't as effective in today's economy? Start by staying positive - here's how some of those negative trends can have silver linings if your mindset allows you to see them..

Loyal customers are often seen by marketers as the 'ideal customer segment'. But what's making them loyal? Is it your brand, your customer proposition, or simply the deal? In this article, we suggest a step-by-step process for making sure your customer segmentation is based on more than just low prices and promos.....