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It goes without saying that customers want the services they use to work (whether they pay for them or are free). But a great customer experience is more than that, as this example from the world of Swiss rail demonstrates.

Customer Service is evolving. No longer a single department, now organisations are developing their customer experience, embedding service in the whole proposition for all customers. So what does this mean for the future of customer service?

Folks distrust banks now, more than ever. The global recession, and the role of financial institutions in creating it, has made people resent banks, even if they can't avoid being their customers. So how should a bank go about rebuilding faith in its brand? They could start with improving the customer experience.

What happens when a problem occurs with your customer service? Rather than react to problems ad-hoc, we advocate designing apology management directly into the experience. Here are three audit themes we’ve used to help design the 'delivery of apology'.....

With so many people using smartphones and the apps that make them so appealing, is the creation of a customer service app the next big thing in customer experience? Our view is a provisional 'yes' - but it all depends on how the app is downloaded initially. For the lowdown, read on.....

The true test of a set of company values is not whether they are bland and boring, or snappy and sexy. The test is in whether they are delivered. It’s how the values are put into actions that define the true spirit of a company.