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In the first of a short series of customer experience design blogs, I'm going to address a old favourite for this time of year - the Resolution. But with a twist. It's a challenge to set a New Year's First Impression. This blog is a short guide to why it's important and how to get started.

As shoppers, we're all used to easy access to heaps of product information, right? Just google the item you want, and dozens of online retailers will come to your aid. But how much of this data is what customers actually want? Can shoppers trust it, and how important is this in the overall customer experience?

The true test of a set of company values is not whether they are bland and boring, or snappy and sexy. The test is in whether they are delivered. It’s how the values are put into actions that define the true spirit of a company.

A great first and last impression can create a halo effect for more everyday aspects of a product or service. This effect is known as 'bookending'