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The much discussed NPS-style 'Friends & Family' question is being introduced by the NHS in April 2013. But will this survey be asked at the right time in the patient experience? And how narrowly should their experience be framed?

Folks distrust banks now, more than ever. The global recession, and the role of financial institutions in creating it, has made people resent banks, even if they can't avoid being their customers. So how should a bank go about rebuilding faith in its brand? They could start with improving the customer experience.

CEX has been steadily gaining acceptance as an indicator of commercial profitability. But does a customer actually include a company's ethical behaviour in their assessment of personal experience? In this article, we explore the theory and reality, and come up with a bottom line of our own.

In the second of a series of Customer Experience Case Studies, we lift the lid on a positive experience that demonstrates what truly responsive customer service looks like.

For the last few years, much of the buzz around customers who drive recommendation has been about Net Promoter Score (NPS). Now Klout has arrived, also claiming to spotlight who is influential. Which is better?

Following our post on using personal interactions to build NPS, we were keen to provide more practical examples of actual initiatives that demonstrate this principle in action. Here's a great case-study from a Customer Faithful team member just back from vacation. The positive word-of-mouth starts here !