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Last week saw the much-awaited report by retail guru Mary Portas, offering ways to reinvigorate Britain's ailing High Streets. Aside from a few small gems, we felt it missed a Big Idea, so we have one of our own to share instead.....

Zara is still on a roll – global turnover figures released today from its parent Inditex are €16.7bn, up from €15.9bn last year. So what makes them so special? And what can we learn from them?

'Pop-up' stores have grown so much in recent years. But is the concept itself a winning proposition? Is it sustainable, and how good is the shopper experience? More importantly, what can we learn from pop-ups, not just as retailers but for anyone manging a brand and its customer experience?

Evidence from both the UK and US shows that large retailers are struggling to achieve their growth forecasts using price promotion as their lone marketing tactic. So what should they do, and who can they learn from?

Regular visitors to this site will know that we have a particular interest in Gen Y or the Millennial Generation, so we’ve been out in the run-up to Christmas, watching them shop, both in High Streets and malls, as well as on-line. What have we learned? Here are 5 clues to attracting Gen Y shoppers……..

This week, figures showed as many as 25% of Britain's bookshops have closed in the last six years. Coupled with a similar decline in new store openings, this represents an alarming decline. So who's to blame, and what's to be done to restore the appeal of the UK bookshop?

As shoppers, we're all used to easy access to heaps of product information, right? Just google the item you want, and dozens of online retailers will come to your aid. But how much of this data is what customers actually want? Can shoppers trust it, and how important is this in the overall customer experience?

Traditionally, retail bundling offered multi-buys that reduces bestseller prices, but only when purchased with one or more other items. But times....and techniques are changing, with unbundling promotions that can help all industry sectors, whether B2B or B2C. Find out how unbundling could help your business.